Z1«To greet own dawn on the tops of great mountains....» (Dawn - Z1).
Autographed by Robert Plant! Unique events very rarely, but happen in our lives, perhaps as major milestones which are our destiny. But thirty years ago I even could not suppose myself that some day I should have a chance to see with my own eyes one of the people who drove the great airship. There were so much written and told about the life and creativity of the crew of Led Zeppelin, that I can not add nothing new, except my thoughts and feelings, so I am willing to share only my personal and honest impressions of Robert Plant concert, which took place in St. Petersburg on April 13, 2005. My friends, knowing my lifelong love of Led Zeppelin, told me still in February about the possible upcoming concert. I could only hope that it will. The ticket, of course, was booked and purchased, as soon as I had the first opportunity to buy it. The concert was to take place in the Ice Palace. I was very nervous and often called the organizers of the concert, asking whether it was not canceled. I received a terse reply: "But why should it be canceled? - Well, you never know. - Do not worry, the concert will be held. - You can easily say "do not worry", I need to worry, to ensure that everything will be good, people can suddenly become ill or something like that. – No, everything is normal for the present, there is no data to postpone or cancel the concert." In general, I lived in such anguish all the time remaining before the concert. My intention was superstitiously hidden in secrecy from all relatives, friends and acquaintances (touch wood). Probably, it looked childish, but what could I do. Anyone who can love will be able to understand me. My excitement reached its climax on the day of the concert. I canceled all of my affairs, listened to the old albums of Zeppelin, well, and finally summoning up courage, I definitely went to the Ice Palace... The welter started already at the metro station "Prospect Bolsheviks". All sorts of the songs from Led Zeppelin and Plant's solo albums were heard near the stalls, girls vied with each other to trade pics with his autograph, apparently pre-signed by themselves at home, but closing my eyes to my assumptions, I still bought a "autograph" on the memory - Blessed is he who believes! Everywhere there was a brisk sale of T-shirts, flags, CDs and souvenirs. In general, the city had prepared for the holiday. This pleased. Crowds of people moved up to the Ice Palace and having plunged into this mass, I no longer felt a crazy loner, who was experiencing in this world what others did not know. We still had a lot of time left before the concert, and I walked through the foyer, looking at those who came to the concert. A strange feeling arose that all the participants had something in common. For example, the average age was about 40 years old, and there were not so many young people. Of course, it was striking that people were different established themselves on their lives. Someone was like a successful businessman, someone probably was a simple hard worker, but someone had not parted with the period of hippies yet. Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and companions, uncles and aunties were strolling in the foyer. But! In all eyes there was something what was with them in the distant 80's. This created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. People were young, as if past years of living behind them had vanished. It appeared that everybody here was mine and everyone knew exactly to whom and why he had come. All around were talking about the events of bygone days, there were passionate debates, when and which album was released, and which thing to which album belongs. Discussions went on quite earnestly and sometimes quite heatedly for such overage children. Next>>>

Robert Plant

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