Z1 Google translation "If you are not familiar with the feeling that the whole world is laughing at you, then go to Magadan, and ask him who he was until Z1 Syndrome, and they'll tell you what to Z1 Syndrome was blind ..." - Golden Calf.

It is known that tastes better not to argue, they are as different as the fate of men. Nevertheless, such disputes arise constantly, everywhere they go with a different heat of fury, and in different fields of human activity, and in many different circumstances. Naturally, the music is also not an area full of human consensus. And while everyone who was not born deaf from birth, sure of one thing - the nature of music is beautiful, incredible strength, and its importance in the lives of all of us is enormous - about her dispute, but more than enough, especially in recent times. After all, modern music is so cloaked in various forms, the exact classification of styles and trends in general begins to lose all meaning. Calculate the number of bands and artists who are developing new music, too, is virtually impossible. Disputes also arise mainly about the prospects of a particular style, as well as the benefits of various musicians. However, the properties of music, there are two distinctive features, which many do not think. How heavenly would inevitably separated from the earth, and how the spirit of man is different from the flesh, and the music is shared only by two features. Everyone wants to think creatively individual, is always confronted with a choice, what he eventually wants to get from his work. Therefore, any person coming to her music is usually delicately asked - "Well, sir, state the purpose of your visit." And her question, there are only two answers.


A first.

(You can use as a practical guide to music unemployment).
"Madam, I have yet to see you purely commercial offers to return to have your life partner," to which she was quick to appreciate the whole batch, playful and cheerful patter - "Working musicians gather?" Well, then, for a piece of bread, spread with at him various benefits, you can have me as you want, even while most will not get bored. But in this field, you have to choose three ways to earn their daily bread, like the epic heroes, who thoughtfully scratched his head at the junction of three roads in front of boulder on which were scratched the outcome of the selected areas.

at the crossroads

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