01 Alexander Simdyanov Konstantine Kozyrev

Z1The photo is fairly ancient, of 1974. Strictly speaking the name of the group T-72 appeared in 1974, but in fact it was born in 1972, when I started tightly to engage hard-rock being inspired by the bands such as Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Nazaret, Deep Purple etc. The repertoire of T-72 was formed under the influence of the above mentioned commands and execution of some themes at dances resembled a tank attack, hence we took the name of the tank – the T-72. Our playing  was very energetic, but at the same time – unskillful and uncoordinated. Therefore, in general, music of T-72 could be described as "not gracefully and not together, but quite boldly". The abbreviation "T" denoted the fact that all the band members studied in technical school, at different groups: Kozyrev studied at the building one, I - at the surveying one, Kharkovsky - at the geological group etc.01 This group had its base in the bombshelter of the Magadan polytechnical school (where this photo was taken). In college I studied on the basis of 20 to 80%, i.e. 20% of the time, I barely studied at the surveyor in the classes, the remaining 80% I worked on the drums in the bombshelter. However, and in the classroom my lessons on the drums never stopped, and lectures were held to the accompaniment of my quiet tapping of different variations on my knees, which caused a mild form of neurosis of the teachers. My drum set was called "Engels". The first time it was covered with beautiful green plastic, but then guitarists bastards got into the habit to steal this plastic for always breaking plectrums, and gradually the set took the color of plywood covered with glue. Plates reminded both by the sound and by the sight - copper basins of various sizes, which were crossed by an asphalt roller. But it did not matter to the full ambition of youth. Because my ears were similar to the locators with built-in tuner in the middle, I had to catch on the hearing all the records which were played then by the band, and to grind the obtained up results to the rest. Periodically, we performed at concerts in the hall of the Polytechnic, but mostly we played on Saturdays at dances ensconced on the landing. Interestingly, even when we included in our repertoire the music such as Grand Funk Railroad, we met the understanding of the student audience, although the dancing with something reminded the dancing of people of primitive communal system. In the group there participated at different times: me (pictured left), Konstantin Kozyrev - guitar (pictured right), Sergei Kharkovskiy - bass guitar, Sergei Karpenko - guitar, Vladimir Glushchenko - keyboards etc. In the group Kostya Kozyrev sang and I did as far as possible, because pro tempore I found it difficult to play drums and sing simultaneously. It should be noted that in that glorious time when rock 'n' roll was still alive, besides "T-72" in Magadan many musicians attempted to execute hard rock on the dance floors. For example - a group of Nikolai Smolin, who was a drummer and vocalist, and in which Vanya Ovchinnikov and Igor Bardin also played. Sometimes there also dabbled in hard rock Sergei Kostin and his team, which based in the house of culture "Builder". Although mostly at dances the musicians played what more or less contributed to the uniform jumping up and down, without burdening the convolutions of the brain with excessive conceptuality of rock music. This photograph captured the actual show off of the youth when we tried to play Are You Ready of Grand Funk Railroad, I played guitar with my left hand and the snare drum with the right one, and Kostya played guitar with his right hand and the Hi-Hat with the left.

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