02 Konstantine Kozyrev Alexander Simdyanov

Z1There may be a wrong impression that our group was the only one at the whole polytechnical school. In fact, there were quite a lot of bands at the Polytechnic. Members of the bands often moved from one band to another. Some of them played in the hostel, the others, competing with us, also had their base at one point, namely, in the bombshelter of the Magadan polytechnical school. Both photos, and the previous one, and the placed in this page, were made just in this bombshelter in 1974, during one of the rehearsals. You can see that for many rockers of that time these bombshelters were the most remarkable buildings made for the population to request the Civil Defense of the USSR. Many groups, subsequently received fame, took their origin in such catacombs, which had plenty of indisputable advantages, namely: 02 Excellent sound insulation, the availability of electricity, quite acceptable thermal insulation, tolerant ventilation, in some versions even running water and a working toilet, but most importantly - the feeling of almost total isolation from the Soviet-type public frenzy and the opportunity to focus its attention on the main issue - that is, on the music. There I could easily forget about the time and spend a dress rehearsal for up to 14 hours without a break. Of course, the design of these rooms had to be refined a little, for example, by adding to the interior old mattresses for noise absorption, sometimes so old, that tolerant ventilation became not quite tolerated. But in general, bombshelters were and probably still remain an important strategic stronghold for beginning musicians of progressive directions. My daily routine was something like this: in the morning had come to school, for a start I went down with everybody to the dressing room, then, while the other students dispersed to classes, I penetrated into the native bombshelter as unobtrusively as possible. There, I indulged in working out the material caught last night from the records of a group I had liked, practicing not only the drum tracks, but the guitar and bass ones, to grind the playing of these parties to the rest members of the group in the evening. Just before the start of the next exams I changed my daily routine, hastily pulling up my educational "tails" till a solid troika. Personally I needed a diploma surveyor like the fifth leg for the dog and I studied in college only because of the opportunity of playing music and to satisfy the desire of my mother to give her child education. She viewed the music as a frivolous pastime.

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