03 Sergei Kharkovskiy Fox Terrier "Leda"

Z1Sergei Kharkovskii was a bass guitarist of T-72 for nearly four years. Kharkovskii studied at the branch of geology, unfortunately he had neither hearing, no sense of rhythm, but he compensated it by a passionate love for hard rock. It took me a long time to teach him withdrawn bass lines, but he played, what he had learned, well and without errors. He played as emotionally as I did, and it wound up the audience very well. He was the best of all my friends. Then he was already married, had children and I was also a friend of his family, nursing sometimes with his daughter Maria, etc. Of course, he did not have so much time to the music as I had. Most of the rehearsals ended at his initiative, and as a good family man, he guiltily rushed to the bosom of the family. 03I can not say that his family was delighted with his hobby of rock music. I teased him at rehearsals that he was engaged in music too little, and his family sawed for the fact that too much. His wife Nadezhda worked as a teacher, she believed her husband's passion for music was childish, and after college he parted with the music and went into geology (photo of one of the expeditions). Unfortunately, as it often happens without a hobby, he began to ruin oneself by drink slowly, but surely. Subsequently, I tried to get him back on bass guitar, but it was too late. His fire of rock music had already been extinguished, and it was not worth to start without it. Once, when in 1987 I came with Vladimir Bovykin to Constantin Bityukov, Sergei suddenly came for me. He looked extremely excited. Referring to the important business, he persistently interrupted our conversation and took me to his home (in the same yard), began to cook in the kitchen and to stuff me with food. I did not want to eat, but was trying to figure out, what the important business was. He turned the conversation to other topics, but in general, nothing specific. I realized only later that my departure gave me a small respite from Syndrome, in which I found myself two years later, and that at the moment the personnel issue of the future group of Vostochny Syndrome (Eastern Syndrome) was exactly being solved. I also understood the incomprehensible excitement of Sergei. Much of what is happening with your friends can only be understood over time. And sometimes I regret that two years later he did not appear also in time as the last time ... It should be noted that since that time except the positive musical qualities I have slowly but surely begun to develop a very significant drawback - a musical despotism. In order to achieve the desired results in the performed music, it was necessary to peck my colleagues constantly, and my rock fanaticism did not know mercy. Subsequently, some people could get used to it, but for others it became intolerable circumstance. For example, it was the reason why subsequently I repeatedly parted with a very sensible bass player Mikhail Afanasyev. However, after a while he still forgave me for this shortcoming, but some musicians simply could not forgive. Basically this was the reason for my exclusion from a future group of Voshozhdenie (Ascent).

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