04 Alexander Simdyanov

Z1The final picture of the period - "musical kitchen" of the group T-72. Practically everything that the group played was taken off from the records here. The drums were fulfilled at the knees and stools, the bass and guitars were taken off at the purchased for these studies electric guitar "Ural", which I later traded successfully with an additional charge for the guitar "Musima DeLuxe". A lot of rock music was taken off here, including Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You and Stairway To Heaven from Led Zeppelin. For these studies I purchased a tape recorder "Comet" with a short rewind, which allowed playing many times the fragments which were hard taken off. Sometimes these exciting studies lasted until the morning, and after a couple hours of sleep I went to polytechnical school into my bomb shelter to build the passed material in practice. 04One time I was thinking on the topic - "if ifs and ans were pots and pans". If at the time I had been firm in my intentions, dropped out of polytechnical school and had gone to study in the musical college, which I walked past every morning on my way to the polytechnic… What would my musical life have been like? And I think that the most likely - it would have been poisoned by a mandatory program, far from the musical direction that I liked. Later, I still went and finished musical college, but then I was already a well-established rock musician and could distinguish the wheat I needed from the chaff. So I do not regret that at that time I was just a rock fan and rock-self-taught. A huge number of taken off music has not only sharpened my ears, but most importantly, these studies have helped to understand the sound of rock, its kicks, delicious musical moments and besides to work out all of that in practice. So then my attitude was cool to graduated musical dumbheads who imagined that with the knowledge obtained in the musical institution they would be able to perform easily rock music also. At its core, rock was and remains not only music, but above all world outlook. And any hippy, even with no hearing, no voice, was closer to rock than the conservatory rock dilettante, because this world was his life. So I am not upset about the fact that I was not where it ought reasonably to have to learn. Then such a rock was burning in my eyes, that at various difficult times in life, remembering this state, I again wanted to live and play and write new music. In conclusion, I might add that the entire history of the group T-72 is the story of my musical childhood, which lasted from 1972 till 1979. This was the first and perhaps the most important period of my life in music, when my musical taste and priorities were formed. Then I got the necessary skills to play those instruments, which I subsequently needed. This period was rather naive, but still good, bright, cheerful, unsophisticated and not yet knowing the reverse sides of musical life.

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