05 Alexander Simdyanov

Z1Project T-72 was finished for me with a call to military service in 1979. All the army horrors which we were threatened with before the army by those, who had already served, were jokes, compared with what I had to endure there. Since 1975 fate constantly kept me side by side with my friend Igor Morozov, with whom I studied in the same group in technical school. The Army was no exception. We were called up on the same day, got into the same unit and company, then into the same fight with an army Georgian gang, after which we were taken to the same hospital and then transferred out of harm's way to another unit, and to the same company. But we were demobilized with an interval of several days. When political officer learned that there was a musician in the personnel of the unit, he decided to create an army band, and I was appointed head of those who generally had no idea about music. 05Once, when I went up to the club for rehearsal, Morozov was waiting for me on the stairs. He silently handed me a clipping from the newspaper. After reading it, I felt the ground slipping from under my feet. John Bonham died. There is a popular expression "rock 'n' roll is dead". Since then, I clearly felt that rock-n-roll really was dead. When the great ones die, those who loved them feel their departure. Up to 1980, we breathed the same air with John Bonham, John Lennon on this planet, we felt their breath, and when they left the great emptiness began. Old rockers remember the time when rock was alive and still live this memory. I will not talk about the band entrusted to me, it was a complete nightmare in musical terms, but there was no one else with whom to work. Almost the entire repertoire was taken from Time Machine, because it was inappropriate to play hard rock for army morons, and not with anyone. But we had to make huge amount of effort to achieve more or less intelligible sound of even this unpretentious music. Nevertheless, we gave several concerts at the club. Then "grandfathers" began to envy me: isn't this young one with guitar, whose hair takes out almost to his ears no longer under the statute, too well settled there at the club? Other showdowns began and the army band ceased to exist in four months. It only remained to wait for my demobilization, watching, to the extent possible, not to be killed at that time or maimed in some sort of regular fights. But one thing I knew for sure that further I should devote myself only to music and only to guitar if I was back safe and sound. Summing up the period of army I can only add one thing: it was not only the years just thrown in the garbage can. They nearly knocked over my consciousness in the ordinary thieves soviet mentality, and it would be really scary for me.

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