06 Alexander Simdyanov

Z1 Finally, on returning home after my military service, I was determined to devote further life only to music, and this new life had to start from scratch. I could pursue a career drummer, the more I had developed skills in playing the drums to a greater extent even before the Army, and I could have regained my bygone form in playing the drums very quickly. But making only a rhythmic accompaniment in music already seemed to me too limited opportunity for creativity and I longed to compose my own themes, songs and lyrics. To a greater extent I could accomplish this, having mastered the guitar at a professional level. I only had to make up my mind, to give up the accumulated experience of playing the drums and to start a solid training on the guitar; otherwise I could put a cross on the future composition of my songs.06 To start, I began to work out those Jimmy Page solo passages, which I caught on the hearing for the guitarists in T-72 formerly before the army, and then proceeded to study the works of the other advanced guitarists such as Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. But I did not have anything else except the old electric guitar «Musima DeLuxe» and the desire to become a guitarist. For two years the city changed a lot, all the musical points were busy, I did not know the new musicians, they did not know me. Also at that time I not only was a below-average guitarist, but my head was turned cocked to one side by the Bundeswehr, that was even worse than the first. On reflection, I decided to start with the simplest, with the preparation of the financial base to buy a decent guitar, pedals, and apparatus. Not having thought of anything better, I went to earn a bright musical future as a docker at the seaport, but in the pursuit of fast money, I lost sight of the fact that it would be incredibly difficult to load sacks of flour and sugar, while increasing the technique of guitar playing. And so it happened, I came home knackered after the shift, me fingers lost all elasticity after the docker drag and I had to warm up the hands on the guitar from the outset. It was like making no headway and the purpose of all classes was only in order not to lose completely my playing skills. However, month after month, the arsenal of future guitarist Alexander Simdyanov replenished with new instruments, and this gave hope for a speedy end of my docker torment and I only had to endure the temporary difficulties and purposefully move toward the goal, as far as possible avoiding excessive load on the hands.

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