07 Igor Aplin Vasily Shestakov Valery Rybin Alexander Simdyanov Pasha

Z1Some time later I met with Mikhail Afanasyev, who was then beginning to learn to play bass guitar, and a few joint discussions convinced both of us that as musicians we could be helpful to each other. The arrows of our musical priorities and tastes were reconciled and we decided to create a group, gradually searching musicians for the future group. However, the hardest thing in this case was to find a rehearsal space for the future group. One day in search of the desired base, we arrived in the House of Culture "Marchekan". According to information available there was not a working group there and we had to find out - who of musicians controlled that point. After a brief exploration Misha found out that his old acquaintance Valery Rybin worked in that house of culture, after assignment from the musical college. 07 In this house, which resembled a big and old barn, Rybin got a job as a stage manager, but he was also a drummer and even had his own drum kit "Premier", which he played little by little in this club. In fact, the point of this club was under his control. After short but fruitful negotiations we started a joint project "Ascent". The name of the group implied the fact that this club was placed under the Marchekanskaya hill, near the sea, but our ambitions were to raise this project largely to the skies, or with minimal requests at least to move us to a more elevated, central part of the city. So, not long thinking, we started rehearsals. However, I could barely move my fingers at the rehearsals, after another shift, because I still continued to work as a dock worker at the port. Rybin was a fan of Deep Purple, it meant that I was supposed to shine with amazing technique like Ritchie Blackmore. This situation could be corrected at least by my dismissal from the heavy physical job, so having written a application "on my own" and having spat on the supposed working out for two months, I gave back my work-book to Magadan seaport and resolutely went into music. Progress in my studies on the guitar immediately became tangible, besides I already bought everything I needed to play from the apparatus and instruments. Gradually adding in good form, we changed the repertoire in favor of Deep Purple and although this music already was not popular on the dance floor, because the season of Modern Talking began in the country, nevertheless we were quite satisfied with the selected hard-rock direction.

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