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Z1However there was also a considerable problem. It was very difficult for me to play such complex parts as, for example, Highway Star and also to sing the vocals of Ian Gillan. But our creative maximalism did not allow us to go by the method of any simplification of the tasks. There was only one way out - we needed a separate vocalist with a powerful and high-pitched voice and not bound by any instruments. At that moment we did not see free vocalists in Magadan, except those with hoarse voice, but this problem had to be somehow solved. Once in the spring of 1983 Rybin and I arrived at the next rehearsal and were quite pleasantly surprised when we got off the bus at a stop of Marchekan. From the window of one of the five-story building we heard the music of Deep Purple at a decent volume, and somebody's voice complemented the vocals of Ian Gillan rather well.Zoom We approximately located the window and having determined the porch, went in search of the apartment. The door was opened by a young man, to whom we unceremoniously invited ourselves to the guests and started to talk. After short but productive negotiations he was admitted to the group, and the name of this New Gillan was Vasya Shestakov. He had just returned after serving in the army and was not opposed to settling down to a group that would meet his needs and tastes. "Ascent" immediately began to gain new heights, we had only to find a smart keyboardist with manners of Jon Lord, and this problem was solved by Afanasyev, which attached Pasha to the group to the keys. Any self-respecting group of Magadan that time had, besides its technique, also its own special weight, which was measured in the amount of equipment that it could show. We did not shine with this, and we had something to do with it. We started a magazine and got a safe of our group in order to put down there all her money that it made on the side. We all were on starvation rations and money went only to buy basic necessities. The instruments themselves were certainly personal, but the rest - switching, speakers, panels, ends, speakers with a maze - all of this was common. After such a tough reorganization we began to acquire equipment fairly quickly and soon could even score for sound a summer patch also. The summer patch was in Gorky Park. It was pretty senseless for Magadan and huge dance floor, but it brought revenue because it was in the city center. It was senseless because it was very cold there even in summer because of the ungainly construction of the walls. Nevertheless, we made an application and took the patch for the whole summer season of 1983. By this time Afanasyev left the group and was replaced on bass guitar by Igor Aplin. Thus, the first stage of "Ascent" was fulfilled, but at the same time it was also finished. Then the fall began. We played at the patch for about three months, when, having come to a day rehearsal, I got to the general meeting devoted to my expulsion from the group. Since the equipment of the group was 40% belonged to me and the matter of my expulsion was already settled in absentia, so I was only asked not to take away the equipment, with the promise that the money for it would be gradually paid. But after I left, the disintegration of "Ascent" had such momentum that the group did not worked out even until the end of the summer season and fell apart. It was no longer possible to find the equipment and to obtain the money from anyone, all just cursed and blamed each other.

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