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Z1I worried about the unsuccessful Ascent not long, soon I had the opportunity to go to restaurant "Astra" to substitute a guitarist. There I got to know keyboardist Oleg Bikchurin and bass guitarist Valery Katuganov. At first I absolutely could not adapt to the pub music, Oleg yelled at me straight on the stage, so that I wanted to escape somewhere. But gradually I got used to playing quickly on the uptake what was not my heart's content, and things went smoothly. Oleg was a talented musician, beautifully played the trumpet (photo), the keyboards well, but the main thing - he greatly sensed drive in music. Once at work I played him sketchily a few songs I had written during the time of "T-72", but already in a more perfected form. He liked the songs and finally quite friendly relations established between us. ZoomValera Katuganov was not a virtuoso on the bass guitar, but he possessed a rare sense of harmony. He always played very simply and in the theme much. His bass always attached depth to harmony and expanded it. He also sang very well certain repertoire. Playing the drums was also a musician on substitution - Sergei Kritsin, who studied xylophone at the musical college. Overall, we had to work out in the pub for four months, the work was over and above profit, and in those four months I was under the contract to purchase from a substitute guitarist his 1968 Fender Stratocaster. The guitar was in its kind unique, got the feedback easy even from the central monitors, could naturally "growl" and playing it was a great pleasure, so purchase of it was a kind gift of fate, not a burden under the contract. It looked not very presentable, from the time the lacquer strongly peeled off, but it did not affect the sound and comfort when playing. Working with professional musicians for four months did what I could not achieve for all of two years in "Ascent", namely - to understand the real taste of live playing, and feel a real drive and to a greater extent I am still grateful for that Oleg Bikchurin. Four months passed quickly, and I was again left without a job, but with a cool guitar and a friend. Oleg helped me to make arrangements of the songs that I had managed to compose in abundance and I must say that his arrangements were very sensible. It also became a good school, but I finally began to understand that I ultimately did not do without a profound knowledge in this field, so I gradually began to prepare for entering Magadan School of Music. One by one, and it just so happened that soon Oleg also left without a job.

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