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Z1 After retiring of Oleg Bikchurin from restaurant "Astra" in 1984, I persuaded him to occupy a point in House of Culture "Builder" to create a rehearsal base there. Thus we could recruit a new group and make money on the side. Bikchurin was familiar with director of the House of Culture Yuri Tsyganov, so it was not difficult to occupy the point for our new project. In the same year, having passed the entrance exams, I joined the orchestral department of Magadan Musical College and in the autumn before the training I was sent to harvest potatoes, as all students. In fact, there was a common familiarity of the future members of Vostochny Syndrome (Eastern Syndrome) there – Alexander Ponomarev, Vladimir Bovykin, Constantin Bityukov and me. There is neither Yuri Hatenko nor Igor Aplin in this picture, they had certificates, that they were released from agricultural work. ZoomI first met Bityukov in 1982. Then, we played in a group of Ascent (Valery Rybin, Mikhail Afanasyev and I) at a banquet, at which Bitjukov attended as a guest. That was him Mikhail Afanasyev introduced me to. To all appearances Bitjukov and Afanasyev had known each other for a long time, had a common interest in certain music, such as King Crimson, Yes, The Doors, Brian Eno, and, perhaps, were classmates. Then for a time I met Bityukov nowhere before entering musical college. Bovykin came to enter college from the Yakutsk region, where he left music school on clarinet. After returning from agricultural work, we started our studies at the orchestral department. Bitjukov studied to play the bassoon, Bovykin - the clarinet, Ponomarev and Hatenko - the contrabass, Aplin - the trombone, I studied the French horn. Somewhat later Aplin managed to go over to the contrabass. After a while I suggested that Vladimir Bovykin should join the group of Bikchurin at the point of House of Culture "Builder", as a bass guitarist. Bovykin agreed, we selected him a suitable instrument and some of the devices in haste, and began without delay to create a new repertoire and to work through an old one. I must say that Bikchurin was a very tough person when it came to music. At the rehearsal he could easily fling at you anything he could lay hands on, if the playing was sluggish and did not drive. Bovykin and I nicknamed Bikchurin - Daddy, as he was both stern and fair regarding music. Later, I led to the group a "jazz" drummer who played everything very quickly, but at the wrong time. After spending some time as Daddy's target, into which increasingly heavy objects flew with each passing day, he soon escaped.

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