Zoom out Olga Ivanovna Musatova Vladimir Alexanderovich Kostromin

Z1 M So my musical life and Bovykina proceeded in two directions. One life was spent in construction, where, under strict guidance of my father, we were learning the secrets of drive, comfortable construction of tracks, creating conditions for free improvisation. It was great. Subsequently, I called Bovykin that period - Papa School. Second Life took place in the musical college, where we pulled the strap of classical music. Head of the orchestral department was Sergei Kostromin, which was, moreover, directly to my teacher on a class horn. Things I have on this subject were not shaky not the motions, but Kostromin been sufficiently patient and sustained. Although he certainly knew that in college I did not order to be a horn player, but mainly for the development of theoretical musical knowledge. ZoomIn general, our group of music school nearly all consisted of musicians who are closely involved in rock music, so the classes were fun. Sometimes the subject of "music history", instead of the classics, we studied the classics of rock opera, The fact that our lecturer on the subject was a secret fan of the group Deep Purple, that, in general, close to the overall theme of common interest. But the most necessary, therefore, favorite subjects, studied by us, were music theory, harmony and solfege, who taught Olga Musatov. Moreover, she was immediately the class teacher in our group. The most amusing were melodic dictation, when the group was to write in the notes, what a theme, played by Olga. The group began a sincere, poignant melodies lowing different voices, rhythm ticks, all this is sometimes reminiscent of worship drunk as a lord of Tibetan monks. After the release of our group Olga moved to St. Petersburg, where, as is known in some time and moved a group of East syndrome and sometimes we are in full syndrome went back to visit her. And although later she moved to Canada, we sometimes write to and remember her. After half a year in DC The builder replaced the director. A new broom has become a place in new ways, it Bikchurinu not like it. Unfortunately for us, he decided to leave this point and go to the naval band, parallel to the preparation for admission to the Institute at the Faculty of Law. Later he went to college, and successfully finished. Now he in Moscow has its own law firm. All that he had planned, he could achieve.

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