Zoom out Alexander Simdyanov Fender Stratocaster

Z1 M So, after Oleg Bikchurina we were: first - without a leading vocalist who could sing with all your heart desires, and secondly - no one-man band who could do everything that they wanted to play in the third - like a cork with a blunt new director and without a drummer, who had escaped from Papa repression. On drums we have Edik, who after the end of musical college went to work directing kultmeropriyaty in this club. Although Edik could call a drummer with a big caveat - but not to fat. Started more than a torment to stretch on future activities of the different programs. In the end, we invited the bass Mikhail Afanasyev, with whom we had once started a project ascent. Bovykin took the place of a keyboardist, and saxophonist. And after such reshuffle the case finally went. ZoomWith the advent Afanas'eva our project was later called NGC-224. Since then the name is constantly accompanied projects involving Afanasiev. Misha came already packaged and bass guitar and apparatus and equipment in general, we have had enough. By the way, speaking of the equipment of the time, you will notice that while the hardware sound amplification dominated lamp, warming his warmth many rockers shower. Despite the fact that it was buzzing, the sound of a tube apparatus was incomparably deeper than in the transistor pukalkah infest later arsenals musicians. Of course, branded tube apparatus in the country was short, but it-yourself Marshals, fendering or Peveev, analogues of which splashed radio craftsmen with soldering irons, was enough. And the price, in relation to quality, they were quite acceptable. Therefore, all the equipment we had a lamp, there was even a tube console. True, he is quite buzzed, apparently because he was not the best model-yourself production. Sometimes we frequented by visiting the guys from the team doctor Teak, which at that time based in pos.Palatka. Their attention periodically riveted my Fender Stratocaster, which is a tube-like device sounded fantastically pleasant. Later, in the 89-th year, when I came to the drums in a group of East syndrome, I sold my Stratocaster to them. Thus creating a core group we have no commitments to work only in it. Periodically, someone knocked us out of work for the substitution in taverns or on the trash, and place temporary ubyvshego no one engaged in before his return. A year later, Michael also went to musical college to separate bass, and unlike many other double bass, all of which are engaged on a single instrument belonged to musical college, he studies to become a personal bass.

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