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Z1 M But after Bikchurina, the war with the new director has taken a protracted nature, and since I became leader of the group, then military action had to basically me. Attempts to how any way to bend under her unruly musicians, ended up with a new director became a laughingstock in the eyes of the staff of the club. This is a rather aggravate the situation. Finally, the question was raised about our professional abilities, in order to throw us out. This commission was created before we were supposed to speak with his program. Since the trash and orders with Bikchurinym we worked a lot, then we, too, the repertoire was extensive - a drunk, kids, dance, concert, and his, for the soul. ZoomDirector of a condition - we have to play in costumes. For me jacket has always been associated with a straitjacket and tie with a slipknot. But there was nothing, had to wear a boys Beatles. All this forced me to the circus is quite annoying, and very anxious during the speech to throw a little scandal. But it just makes it very desirable. Of course, we played the program, defended his point, but this statement "from under the sticks", has left a sad memory of what leadership can do with the musicians - namely, slavery. The general picture of the event can also add that during this speech in the hall sat Bitjukov (at that time he had already said goodbye to musical college and worked at a club security guard) and smirked our atrophied mind. Concert repertoire, we were of what is interesting for us from the musical point of view, such as five-fourths of Dave Brubeck, something that of Gershwin, etc. For us, it might be interesting, but from the standpoint of the Director it was all Muroi. Although the commission do not seem, however saved us that it was still somewhat less intelligent people.

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