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Z1 M Many students of our group musical college, in addition to studying, working musicians in different locations, with the drummer Igor Aplin Zhenya Avtyuschenko restaurant Arctic, and I Bovykin in d.k.Stroitel, Ponomarev and little hut at the Palace of Trade Unions (photos on this page). Jura little hut in the composition of working on drums, Ponomarev on guitar and bass playing Zhenya shafts. Subsequently, in 87 they went into the first team Eastern syndrome. Place vocalist took Vasily Shestakov. He joined in the composition after the final collapse in the 83-th year of climbing, and Valery Rybin of Ascents soon took the place of a drummer in a restaurant Recreation. Overall - a group of climbing justify its name, will serve to many who were in it, a kind of creative tramlinom, identifying us from oblivion. ZoomIn the Palace of Trade Unions of the permanent leader of all teams was Pichkin Claudius, who, although not a musician, but without it this point it is not available. He watched the equipment, razrulival various tricky situations before the eye of the formidable director of the palace Dementieva Inna Borisovna, a master soldering iron, versed in the intricacies of switching equipment and a sound engineer. (pictured second from right). Referring Innu Borisovna, we can say that in the full sense of it was her palace, and her kingdom. It does not just work in it, but actually lived them. Sometimes it seemed that she was a living interior of the palace. Everybody thought it was called Magadan legend and - "InBor. Young musicians loafers under her stern gaze trembled, and she typed command ubiquitous and highly bitchiness duty old woman, reminiscent of an army loyal soldiers, who were her eyes and ears. And because the musicians were far from angelic way of life, Claudius sometimes became for the team saving a buffer between InBor and the group.

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