Zoom out Alexander Simdyanov

Z1 M The club builder rates for musicians was not, so his daily bread, we earned mostly on different potboiler, even in children's party (photo), occasionally at concerts. To do this, kept several repertoires, well, something just rehearsing for their overall development, which included what seemed to us interesting from a musical point of view. In addition to the rehearsals we have been at the club and for those instruments, which directly enrolled in school. Private lessons and group rehearsals are often delayed, even until the morning because club was located next to musical college, then from the club we went straight to the lessons in musical college. In general - music was great, but the time is short. The first suit us, the second did not like.ZoomThese nightly vigils could cause peretolki and discontent director of the club, but we had a cover - our guard. One of them was Bitjukov, who had by then left his studies in college, and his shiftworker was the same as we do, from the musical college student, to the same club Bovykin took a bet the janitor. On-time director of the club to arrange our drummer Edik. Thus, all the rear were covered, beating on us was just a nobody, and we could find in two places - either in the musical college, or in construction. Home I chose rarely, however, I was at home when no one was waiting. In order to somehow defuse the mine to the limit incandescent relationship with the director, the team leader was appointed Bovykin. He had a more balanced character, and established contacts with the authorities. Therefore, further throwing lightning glances at each other, my conflict with the director no longer grew. But above all - dissatisfaction is not extended to the whole group. The situation in general Bovykin stabilized and began to perform for a group the same as a buffer, which served Claudius Pichkin in the palace of Trade Unions

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