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Z1 M Spring 86 года Bovykinu received a proposal to occupy a vacant anchor point in the restaurant, pos. Ola. From the city get there was not near, the point was not roused. But we decided, and leaving the place in the club for Edicom settled down to work in this pub. Shortly bought by clubbing together the old Zaporozhetz to collectively get to work. Gradually swung the point and the cash stream finally trickled into our meager pockets. Six months later, Afanasyev again left, and his place was taken Katuganov Valera, who left the restaurant Astra. For drums sat Sopelnik Igor, a student musical college. We worked four days a week. With the advent Katuganova point start feeding us abundantly, when even a couple of months Bovykin announced his retirement in Magadan rock club. Thus we are left to work and gorging at the tavern. "charge" together. ZoomSubsequently, I quite accurately described this period in his article "The Great modulation. When the musical thinking swims fat - creative development comes to a standstill. Playing for the public, with the sole purpose - to please and to pump money out of it, like creative fraud and is permeated with lies. Musicians are like prostitutes, they even performed rock music becomes a parody of this rock. By the way - Russia has always been rich musical whores, and therefore easier to enumerate those who are in the house music of tolerance has never been and is not now. After all, in fact, the whole Estrada recalls a huge pub, with different musical whore who experience profound suffering, if not sold and not bought. This is an interesting life in the music business, and involves chronic betrayal of each other, and rotten excise classifications, (someone who podsidel, or someone who is steeper), and slide up the mentality of his audience, which usually consists of religious freaks, and all the romance Taverns often ends banal alcoholism. Therefore, the restaurant "Anchor" in the fullest sense was my creative "anchor". A year in the country began to gain momentum government anti-alcohol program, and in proportion to its growth began falling revenues musical feeders. At Anchor allowed to carry only two "drunk" day a week - Saturday and Sunday, so we have to work only on these days, but other days have given for holding discos, which led Serge Cheremisin. All of this is my pub can swamp, it would have dragged on indefinitely, but that man proposes, the sky is a different point of view, and in February 1988 I found myself in a very serious accident.

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