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Z1 M In this photo from the old bridge, on which the accident occurred, leaving only its foundation (to the left of the new bridge). Drunken visitor decided to ride me with Sergei Cheremisin with the breeze on his Ford. Wind speed was 33 meters per second. The car pulled down the 25 meter rail, made a somersault in the air and fell from a height at least eight ice. When I was brought to the hospital, patients who have seen me, shook their heads - not the tenant. In fact, my injuries were only at first glance, terrible, just the skin of the temple, including the eyelids had been torn off at the nose, and you could see the skull. In general, I was like the terminator of the first series of blockbusters, but in the hospital for my happiness working class surgeon, and he very carefully all patched. I was in the hospital for a long time, and after discharge until he could not work. ZoomWithdrawing from the restaurant, I was left out in the cold and alone with his thoughts. After considering all written in recent years, the songs I became a little trying to record them at home and Valera Katuganov agreed in this case to help me. Written together by applying the two tape recorders, so the records were obtained as a result of very poor quality. But most importantly, listening to records by hand, I just realized that all the recorded material is thoroughly imbued with the influence of Russia kabatchiny. From that fire, which is always accompanied by T-72, no trace. And these records were already just an extract from the Sov pop with elements of chanson. I did this could not help it, because by that time was already so very ordinary music corpse, which generally fill the cemetery taverns and a stage platform. I have not died in the accident physically, though he was on the verge of it, but what I did in recent years, suffered a sort of sudden death. At that time, it was important only to understand it, just then came the first impetus to the creation of a future major project. Has not yet come fully understood nor its direction, nor its name, it was just the feeling that he will not be restricted only to the records and publishing songs that I wrote and sang himself, and will read my thoughts and life. While some material was really worthwhile, but it was impossible to write without a studio environment, so the most important condition for the future of the project was the creation of his studio. But the creation of the studio, even for non-commercial project, it is still controversial presupposed the existence of money. One thing I just realized - to make the music I can not, it is incompatible with the essence of the project. After conferring with Katuganovym, we decided to create a trade-purchasing cooperative. Businessmen of us turned out not very good. Once nearly froze to talskom pass, when hit by car in a snowstorm. Not known how to further develop our business, but the early spring 89 года Bovykin came to me and asked to work on the drums with a group of East syndrome.

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