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Z1 M Switching to drums in some way for me was way out of crisis, although at that time I was not engaged drums for ten years. I thought about the proposal, I agree,d. For me it was important to remember that drive in the T-72, which I once felt when playing on this instrument. My own technical form of one and was not interested because of my participation in the interim ES. Therefore, the manner of the game I took the push for the necessary shares with a maximum delay of impact. For drummer drive - that's all. The method of delays, the absence of technology, usually leads to uneven, floating rate, but helps to find that the pendulum, which allows the drummer to swing thing and create conditions for the crazy drive, if it helps the bass. Live drummer no drum machine, so at that time training with a metronome to me were not only unnecessary, but also could damage the search for the free swinging so. ZoomAround this point of view that I expressed at the first rehearsal, if you do not like it - I'm going, if it is acceptable - would that be. With heavy sticks at that time was a problem, and I usually compensate for their weight winding tape on them with a careful balancing. First it was necessary to achieve a very bright and trenchant die-cutting right lobe. Unaccustomed to this hands very tired quickly, and the pace began to swim. Could simply work as usual, without straining, but soon disappeared pitching and drive executable order. Shape recovery time was very small. All preparations for the first speech in the theater Gorky took a week. In Syndrome linger for a long time I did not intend. Not going to completely switch to drums. Participation in the Armed Forces, I was only necessary in order to feel the first steps of its project and to grasp its direction. After performing in the theater about my further stay in the group was not considered, everyone understood that I was a session musician. Therefore, some of my impact on something that someone play, or on the recommendations addressed to me it is not going down, and this fact does not bind us in the performance of obligations. Subjects were played, based on intuitive improvisation, on time schedule that turned out - it already has, and therefore not negotiable. All this is reminiscent of ordinary jam project.

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