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Z1 M The founder of the draft East syndrome was Konstantin Bitjukov. He is the author and title of the project. As I said, we met for the first time in 82 year and more closely met in the 84-m, when we were sent to music school in agricultural works. In the evenings we often rattled on guitars for something his family and friends, and that's where I first heard it a very interesting outline of the reef, which subsequently entered into a composition of the Celts. He was secretive, communicated with restraint, and if something is said, the carefully weighed words and even when we arranged a party with a drunk, he did not change this rule. In many ways, we were the complete opposite of each other, so our relationship during my participation in his project could be described in words of the poet, "they came together like ice and fire. ZoomEven some similarity to our opinions carried contained a confrontation with the hidden agenda, but we do not artificially, but quite sincerely maintain respect for each other. Subsequently, Kostya was well aware that, until my feets go next to him on the road, my head is living a completely different project and his project for me as a waste bag, which was used - to throw a pity, but pull hard. Moreover, since the arrival of a syndrome of my life has become like an active volcano. I myself created a lot of adventures, fully conform to the text of the song Bityukova "By the River": "You - fan events, I am happy for you." His exploits in the group I created a very tense situation. Naturally, this Bityukova disliked. The appearance of intellectual rock band did not in keeping with my presence in it. But my antics, he still suffered and the emerging questions about me, he answered as soon as uncertainty: "A-ah ... it's as if our session musician." Hard to say what provoked me to such behavior. The entire project reminded me of exams graduates madhouse, and quite difficult to determine the size and boundaries of the madhouse, because, in my opinion, the whole country at that time resembled a huge madhouse. Bitjukov was not a believer, but he knew in what direction is the sky, and I did not even guessed at its existence, so what is happening to me was of no value and meaning, in addition to music, and my participation in it. In fact, his entire creative fanaticism of the T-72, I moved into a project in the Eastern syndrome. It was a young fool drive that concerts attracted and afflicted, but in life provoked in many adventures, which brought a lot of trouble. Therefore, my relationship with Bityukova were very complicated. After my regular touring stories, which sometimes ended with a drive to the police, its a meaningful look, with a languid erected eyes upward and said: "Well, you see, and colleagues ... you see what these people are. Just a shame for the team. Here as with such a man can play such a highly artistic music. He was all shit. There is no responsibility. However, soon, certainly not himself, but through Bovykina, he again asked me to go to the next tour.

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