Zoom out Alexander Ponomarev

Z1 M Describe Alexander Ponomarev as a person and as a musician would be as follows: attentiveness, built in a cubic degree. As a man, he was able to closely observe the others, but as a musician very carefully watched the game together, and this money allowed him to include a very timely and tasty guitar accompaniment. Add to that his fantastic performance in mastering the guitar, it made him an outstanding and highly professional guitarist. His guitar themes, he always carefully calibrate, sometimes a little modifying and supplementing them, but his game has never interfered with other brightly colored and complementary subjects songs. He is always perfectly complements and echoes the vocal and guitar Bityukova, and their joint play guitar reminiscent of lace. ZoomAs a man he is also alert to the slightest sentiment in the group. In his appeals to the responsibility of the group, which he always expressed in a very serious tone, the rest of his chatter showed mostly misses anyone else. This immediately became the subject of discussion and derision. For obvious reasons, the largest portion going to the venomous remarks to me, because no, even the slightest responsibility to the team, I never had, so the excuses for her absence I did not make sense. I usually keep quiet, keep verbal skirmish with Panama for me was obviously a lost job, and even beat them I had nothing. So often it was mostly verbal duelists Yura Hatenko, which could more successfully fend off the sophisticated humor of Panama. Bitjukov, as I rarely included in this river of words, but if they come in, then out of it without damage their image. One could say that Panama is sharper all worried about the fate of the project. Even Bitjukov more phlegmatic attitude to different "earthquake" syndrome, which I am constantly shaking it. The first time Panama have often tried to help me in different combat situations in which I managed to get everywhere, but then, realizing that this can continue indefinitely, and for his tragic end, leaving it useless, just switched on their comments. As Bitjukov, he stood at the very beginning of the draft East of symptoms, as a permanent guitarist of the project, a party is absolutely all its albums and speeches, and even after the collapse of the Syndrome in 93 year, he continued to work with Bityukova over his new songs. Therefore, the present syndrome without him it would be impossible.

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