Zoom out Yuri Hatenko

Z1 M Yura Hatenko also stood at the origins of the draft East Syndrom, although he took no part in recording the album "With the keys on the nose." At the time of my arrival at the team he played bass guitar. As you know, the bass guitarist with a drummer friend of a friend should understand at a glance, but after a couple years of playing in the Syndrome in our understanding, without exaggeration, was already on the mental level. Therefore, we never gave each other onstage characters - that we need to do is each felt himself, and work with me was very easy, although quite difficult in rhythm against the party. Technically they were not difficult to fulfill, but we almost always played contrary to the guitar and the displacements of relatively strong share, and often melodic songs reminiscent of the strata, creeps on each other, as in the song "Astronaut." ZoomTopics in the Syndrome are usually born as a result of jam. Someone brought their harvest to a rehearsal and just started to play, every little bit connected to this, checking with his chief feeling - keif in or not keif. So little track to take shape, to start in raw form. Then the development of text and image manipulative topic at a time went in the right hemisphere of the brain Bityukova. There she received development and has held with Panama refine guitar parts. Then the Hatenko and Bovykin connected to the process, and I began to refine the rhythm section in the longer versions of songs formed in the final stages. Since the primary form of jam every topic about remember that and the final version is not much different from the original. Regarding music in the Syndrome did not arise claims or disputes. Nobody nobody dictating what and how to play, all rely on the taste of each other. Therefore we have to Jura in the music, it was the understanding and trust. The character he was calm and composed, but, as in Panama, he looked at a lot of irony, and his words would not climb, when he had to defend his point of view. For verbal duel between him and Panama, I could observe from the outside, but they shoot better for me not interfere. Confronting them was useless. Jura liked reading a Daniil Kharms and, on occasion, quite accurately, and to place it quoted. He also liked to draw. In my opinion, his art and in the image and name strangely echoed Harms. The first time my explosive adventures Jura reacted with humorous, but after some time and he pretty tired of the uncertainty that I continually bring to life the Eastern Syndrome.

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