Zoom out Vladimir Bovykin

Z1 M Actually it Bovykinu I was obliged to order that the draft ES, I stayed almost three years. As musicians, we completely understand each other, once passed through a millstone schools Bikchurina, which read: "I do not want you there played a complicated gaseous faeces. Play for me at least one note, but on the drive..." Bovykin could well play on bass and keyboards, but in Syndrome, he played the saxophone, although the word "play" to his manner of execution was drawing on probation. At times, his performance on the saxophone was like the roar of a hunted animal, as he mastered one of the methods added to the moment of the game of his voice. In conjunction with his technique he performed badly sometimes fantastically tense and fascinating musical phrases, and in his performance saxophone became a real rock instrument. ZoomConditionally tracks were built in certain strata. The first was a complex ripple bass and drums, in the second - a meditative cool web of guitars, sax in the third gave the subject emotionally, finally, in the fourth, vocals reported actually all content songs, revealing details about the details of how the author bad and nasty live on this light. Bovykin just and gave the subject a psychedelic hue, and the sound of his sax was similar to experiments that combine the guttural singing and saxophone. It was a very unusual manner of performance and underscore the tensions songs. My relationship with him until a certain point were very friendly. To some extent it was my representative and a lawyer in Syndrome, constantly organizing a way out of various situations in which I have constantly managed to fall. Quite frankly, I could only communicate with him and the other band members were from me something achieved only through him. Usually, he told me and the necessary information about upcoming events and the fact that, in his opinion, I would like to stress directly in the performance of the rhythm section. Bitjukov never contacted me directly, preferring to harmonize such moments through Bovykina. And that was correct, because the outside interference in my work I did not like it, but because the music on my Bovykinym was identical with the understanding, and his advice was usually helpful, and he very rarely asked to do something in music, that I did not like. Although a couple of cases I can remember one - in the songs of "Summer", when he asked to play a battle not on big tom, but on the snare drum. This was after the release of the album Guest, which is known to be featuring this song. He did not like that big tom created buzz, but in reality he syncopated pattern created the necessary roar, it looked a bit ominous, and escalate tensions, so I ignored his comment .. The second case in my memory - when in front of a concert he asked I do not spread, and play just to avoid swimming in tempo. His request, I performed a concert was like a drone carotid flies a metronome, and in the future with such a request it to me is not addressed, because it's better to be wrong, but alive than the right, but dead. Moreover, over time, the evenness of the game without prejudice to the roll and drive began to come, but the revival of dead drummers, which I will in ten years of playing the guitar badly seen enough, it was already impossible task. One might guess that such requests were initiated Bityukova, and therefore the more they were unacceptable to me. For what the guitarist - "guitaristovo", the drummer - "drummerovo".

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