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Z1 M This is the first picture of the Eastern syndrome with my participation. Since it all began at her strangely, and all over. This is not the original photograph, and clippings and articles Gunitsky. Three years later, the original picture, together with some other photos and records that I have remained, were burned when I left the group. Then all the ends tightly cut off that there are no regrets. Retire on was actually very hard, because I left not only syndrome, and in general all that connected me with rock music. All in good time. Time to scatter stones and a time to collect. So during my musical dreams passed, and it was time to study life. Ironically, even in this form, but the picture is still apparent, although this is my personal story, which I have no story. ZoomThe picture syndrome immediately after the first performances in the theater of Gorky. Then this test of strength showed that ahead of this composition can be quite an impressive future. Drive went crazy, the way in this speech and I pulled the first time in the wrist ligaments. But concert appearances Syndrome always assumed recoil from reality, but when you're out yourself, the pain is not so strongly felt. Moreover, I assumed that these concerts will end my career drummer, so why not postpone the final just once? Ahead of the plans was the creation of his studio and peaceful career on the principle - himself, the director, composer and musician. So at the event, I particularly did not spare his hands and pierced lobe with the most stringent guy. It was evident that the music people are not weak blows that texts such as the "keys on the nose" is ready to enter into the category of Magadan sayings and proverbs. But for me, these concerts with the group mean my one-time performance in the team and no real continuation of the work as a drummer is not implied. So I took the rather indifferent rave reviews about the presentation of some of my friends, thinking mostly about his busines.

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