Zoom out Vladimir Bovykin Yuri Hatenko Alexander Ponomarev Alexander Simdyanov Konstantine Bitjukov

Z1 M This photo was also taken after the concert, so it would be appropriate after all to describe where and on what occasion our first joint appearance was held. Well, concerts were held in Magadan Gorky Theater on the occasion of the contest "Magadan Beauty - 89. Who is of the organizers of this contest the idea of an invitation to the scoring of the event of such groups as East's syndrome, I can not say because I do not know. But apparently, the man thought is not ordinary and not as standard, avoiding patterns. First on the stage catwalk beauties. In the hall, dripping saliva, sit mature men who have lower chakras of the voltage already swelled with blood. Then the master of ceremonies announced our withdrawal, and begin the demolition of roofs of these peasants. Then again, fashion shows and over the demolition of roofs. Zoom It was like a very sophisticated form of mass sexual masochism, or the Group sex in a madhouse. In general, my debut Syndrome was unusual, and I assumed that this event of my participation will be the last. Beauties contest was divided into several rounds, and lasted more than one day. All this time we continued to go to the theater as a job, give voice to elected Magadan beauties music samples psychedelic direction. Finally, when the event ended, I was given an outstanding fee, and I once again immersed himself in its affairs related to business and the studio. At that time the main task of selling the business was purchased on the mainland clothes, lipstick, cosmetics and even sneakers, which then sold very briskly. The dealer I was careless, often handing out goods to friends and acquaintances as Prezent, and loss of profits Katuganov deducted from my share. But anyway, I stayed in profit, and my financial situation remained stable good, what can be said about the main part of ES. Ponomarev and Hatenko, lived with his parents and to do so would leave them to starve, but Bitjukov and Bovykin lived on a very meager diet. Bitjukov imbued with eastern philosophy, to comfort myself sometimes uttered to me on this clever quotes, like this: "Ideally, people should generally eat leaves that have fallen from the trees," to which I answered him: "Do not live by bread alone, but also meat and dairy products.

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