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Z1 M Shortly after the first concert Bovykin again invited me to work in the Syndrome, but this time with the departure of Khabarovsk, on the festival. The financial side of things was they were not announced. It was clear just what will be paid for travel expenses and accommodation. I could not go for the following reason: at home with whom she could leave the dog, which I had just picked up on the street. This dog hind legs were crushed by car, and it had to be fed, treated and periodically make the yard, for sending the natural needs. Friends who could be entrusted with such an unpleasant thing, I was not. Of course, I could include a dog where it picked up, and solve the problem with the magic Penalty kick. But even though I was not a fanatic dog breeders, the animal was sorry. Maybe the problem others seemed trivial, but not me. Zoom In the end, I arranged with one of your friends, who felt at that time, difficulties with housing, that I pass him my two-room apartment for the period of their tour for a purely nominal fee - it should take care of the dog. Then you can start preparing for the festival. The main rehearsals were held in the Magadan rock club in the club Mestproma. But sometimes, during the day, while my neighbors were at work, rehearsals were held and in my apartment. After the first performances at the competition beauties began to gradually emerge overall vision statements. Concerts should be held as the logical transition from one arrangement to another and if possible without large gaps and ads songs. I feel that it was the brightest period of the syndrome. Even at times I felt like a part of the team, although it was by default a session musician. For the announcement at a festival in Khabarovsk was this photo (at the Club Mestproma), portraying the ship's crew with the name "Oriental syndrome", ready to be shipped in large sailing on the ocean of rock music.

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