Zoom out Alexander Simdyanov Konstantine Bitjukov

Z1 M It was decided to start with the song "Procession bryzguntsov" because such a beginning was convenient for the general coming to the scene. At one stage I went out and began to blow the horn. According to the concept horn meant a call for the "great musical massacre". Then Hatenko and went Bitjukov, connected to the vehicles and started the topic, and I slowly went from drums to the microphone stand and a seat for the installation. Following way Ponomarev. He also plugged his guitar, and we joined him at the same time, starting to play with the gradual increase in drive. Finally, when the drive reaches its peak, started out with a fierce-sounding Bovykina saxophone. Then entered vocals, the overall sound becomes softer, but with a gradual crescendo to the code "Procession". Zoom In the performance of the Horn was one small problem: he built one tone below the key of "Procession". Of course, change the tone of songs because of the one tool does not make sense, so you had to pull right up to the sound of music. By rotating the entry of all instruments "Procession" was successful not only because of the convenient and logical way of the stage. This composition had to gradually introduce the audience to the further development of the concept statement. Gigs always ended in a composition Celt, who was the most powerful, most intense and longest topic of speech. Over the ostinato reef a few verses interspersed with a variety of solo guitar parts, then with increasing drive, advancing the first failure of tracks in the chaotic improvisation, and after the recession began pumping its second part. Having brought the second part to the second peak, the composition again falling into the chaos, which gradually died down, one after the other topics and participants began to leave the scene. Ended Celt sound the horns, too, only the sound that was more like a roar of expiring animal. To make a sound something like this, I sent the horn on the membrane snare drum microphones, and added to the game voice overtones. When the concert ended, the applause is usually not there, just standing is a strange silence. Also, during the entire concert, no chatter and flirting with the audience was not allowed. In my opinion, it was correct - why flirt with people who are just hard, all composition, pulled down the roof? Once inappropriate. War as a war, without any negotiation processes.

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