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Z1 M Some performances were such a syndrome, as in Khabarovsk, and in his later concerts. Each performance demanded absolute emotional and physical calculations, and if we consider that in those first concerts, I was just beginning to enter into a technical form, I immediately arose a very big issue - after strong pressures arose a sharp pain in his wrists. Although the alternation of songs were taken into account my wishes, and after blasting songs sometimes were calmer, so I can take a little hand-stress, but in general, the problem remained. The latter song became a Celt for me this is torture. Despite the fact that the mad drive, engulfing all helped to relax a little bit of pain, sometimes to think that at least some way, but keep the sticks in his hands numb. Zoom Subsequently, the pain in the game already and remained throughout my stay in the group, although they were not as strong and sharp as in the beginning. Those musicians who have faced such concept as "outplayed" know what is at stake. This problem can be quite an impact on the further growth of mastering an instrument, or sometimes put on further studies point. Musician is compelled to limit the time of his study, listening to their feelings, and the slightest additional congestion leads to more complications. And since all the subsequent three years, this extra congestion was absolutely at every concert, then the recovery time I was not. So, simply had to endure. Once I thought about it and came to interesting conclusions. In some musicians to develop their musical abilities are not interrupted with the termination of the real lessons on the instrument. It's strange, but, nevertheless, true. All the while, they all break one way or another, still continue their creative development, listening to music, passing it through their minds, and receiving, thus, a more comprehensive idea about his creative destiny. I would call this passive learning. Other musicians on the contrary prefer to hone their skills on the instrument, devoting his entire creative life to the mastery of its technicalities of the game and getting calluses on my ass for their selfless hard work. Subsequently, the first is often faced with the fact that hands are not keeping pace with the movement of thought, and the second to the fact that his hands could play anything, but except for sequences and shot passages played by other musicians, nothing in the head-spent. Therefore, moderation, with no signs of fanaticism or apathy, it is precisely the golden mean, which I have never adhered to, it is constantly falling into one, then another state. So because of these their merits in the field of music and I received the Order of Sutulova third degree as disruption of ligaments in the wrist. Some helped remove the pain of tight bandages on her wrists, but this again was a risk that the hands quickly went numb, numb, and consequently lose their elasticity and ability to reproduce the nuances. In general, the problem was, and quite ... Posted this only in order to share a sad experience, it is better to take into account the errors of others, than to collect their own.

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