Zoom out Alexander Ponomarev Konstantine Bitjukov Yuri Hatenko Vladimir Bovykin

Z1 M How can we understand one statement in Khabarovsk in a tour of this syndrome is not restricted, and then received the invitation to speak at the festival in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The issue of payment of my work Bovykinym has not been screened, and I understand that this time, I will have to work on the syndrome is absolutely free of charge, that is - nothing. In this case I have no one in particular and did not ask: I want to go further or wish to return home, is my home business or not? In the end, I did not get up in front of a group in a pose, recalling once again that: "we have more home affairs. Popal, so hit. Getting to the hotel to Komsomolsk was relatively close, and my assumptions of return to their hearth and home was postponed for long. Zoom After arriving in Komsomolsk us, like all other participants Festa placed in a hostel. The mood was worse than ever and only lack of cash prevented me strongly indulge plentiful libations of strong drink. Then I was not used as Bitjukov eat "leaves have fallen from the trees." I liked to earn properly and normally spend money on what he think it necessary, it does not feed on the coupons in obschagovskih obschepitovskimi table scraps. In general, such a financially dependent position and even in an unfamiliar city was beginning to pretty annoying. The houses remained a lodger, who was to supervise and care for the dog and certainly did not do neither one thing nor the other, and abandoned the business, which had already provided the possibility of partial creation studio. But here, surrounded by an incomprehensible vypendrezhnaya youth, for which the words tusovka and rock music are synonymous. And the theme of their songs on virtually the same - you're asleep, I sleep, cigarettes, efedrinovy paradise, smoky room, the windows, open doors, all around scum coat-oak, and all this in the standard rock 'n' Roll square, anguish.

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