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Z1 M But the speech was indeed a syndrome is a rather unusual sight. I do not accidentally mentioned earlier that the concerts remind graduates show of the madhouse. Besides the music, "Impress" and the very behavior of the group on the scene were also elements of psychedelia: Yura all in white was a "nurse" and the rest - his "wards": Kostya - possessed dwarf, Panama, with rows of glasses worn for swimming was like a mutant-amphibian, Vova in checkered pants looked like a clown-bespredelschika. I like sessionnik as a sign of his limited vision of the concept of a pirate wear a bandage on his right eye, and bearing in mind that a year ago in an accident, he was stretched on my nose. This image was obtained such a group - a set of different diseases with the laconic title "Oriental syndrome. Zoom It was all very nice, but after Komsomolsk syndrome was invited to go further - to the Sakhalin Island. For specific starting to get nervous, I began to complain Bovykinu, but the fiscal balance on a group of tickets have already been calculated, and the cost of my single send to Magadan it does not fit. Thus, in Busan, a ferry, we arrived on Sakhalin. Organizers have settled in a boarding house "Mountain Air", which at that time was in a rather neglected state, and after the resettlement provided an opportunity to pull on strong drinks in local pubs. Finally, at the end of the journey through low places, from Panama, I found myself in the Korean tavern "Sakura". I lingered in the lobby, combing the mirror, when a narrow-eyed with mockery hinted that I look like a girl. Maybe on Korean concepts was complement, but for Magadan - the most powerful insult. I therefore turn struck him between the liquor. Then came a cry from Korean means something like "our beat, and they ran up in the lobby a lot. I removed a couple of approach, but one shibzdik crept up behind and I welled up over the head with something very heavy, they also ... In general, a story on a western or, in this context, Eastern. In the morning all my thoughts were inclined to seek badyagi and bombs to smash this beautiful and hospitable inn.

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