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Z1 M Badyagu I found at the pharmacy, but no bombs, nor even zavalyaschenkoy fragmentation grenade were found, so my space is limited pleasant memory that I direct the offender still does not go unpunished. At the concert, my immidzh changed in favor of dark glasses, so that the public did not think that one of the band members is their countryman narrowed nationality. In the context of the law applicable to Syndrome concert was held as usual "abnormal". and it was time to have to return to Magadan, but the organizers have any financial problems and the departure of all time delays. I was very nervous, because my heart is sensed, that on returning home waiting for me unpleasant surprises. Finally, after a long tyranny Bovykina question - "when"? we were issued tickets, and we arrived in Magadan. Zoom What I found at home, put me in a completely righteous indignation. First of all, my poor little dog with a disability under the kick ass show out on the street, where she died. Second, had been broken into my closet where it was stored "Fender Stratocaster". The reason was simple burglary, although surprisingly banal. The children somehow seemed that I was there keep a wine-liquor stores cooperative. But break down the door to the pantry, they certainly did not find anything there from the liquor, except for toilet water supplies Manhattan, which shamelessly drank a whole without a remainder. If we consider that the flat finish I was very carefully done with his own hands, and now it looked like bomzhatnik then, of course, looking to fight wallpaper, broken in half door, once beautifully appointed under the tree, I had not experienced the joy of returning home. On the phone came on through a considerable amount, and, of course, the perpetrators of all this destruction nodded their heads at each other, so reluctantly I began razrulivat consequences of his tour, saying the standard for such cases, the expression: "Yes, to me, just once more .. . Yes, why in hell I fell this syndrome ... Yes to all of you crap "... And so on. In fact, the results of the trip brought me more disproportionately disadvantages than advantages. Co-op, where I worked more in my services are not needed, because all the stipulated period of my absence long overdue. The apartment was in such a way as if it after staying Mamay. The house no longer had stockpiles of food, and not expected in the near future it will appear. Sami tour brought no replenishment, but resulted in significant damage to the muzzle face. Bundles wrists, even without any hard games now ache in bad weather. And finally, purely human standpoint, I just felt sorry for a sick dog. Plus there was only one - I am very clearly aware that a project called the Eastern syndrome will always be for me to be the primary source of all my troubles when I'm at associate with their creative plans. But I still had a car and garage cooperative, purchased the sweet years of working in a tavern, so bereft of work, I began to study the driving. It should be noted, then, this activity was quite profitable, and the hole in my budget healed quickly. And maybe my business will soon be completely gone to the amendment, if on the verge of once again did not appear, my old friend, whose name was - Vladimir Bovykin.

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