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Z1 M After the opening remarks about that, about this Bovykin invited me to "dine aspic": written with the syndrome that we played at the concerts - "sweet sauce": "Sanya. Do not go anywhere." Well, if you do not have to go, you can sign up, of course. Although, again without compensation, that is - nothing but a rock club was still far away, do not go to Sakhalin dangle. Then, waving sticks and had to be longer as a concert, but with smoke. Loss of time is, but not great. In general, what they decided, that's what I started. Record syndrome came Pasha Podlipenko. I must say, he is so worried about the record, that one might have thought, if I write with Pink Floyd, and a remote control located which Mr Alan Parsons. In the end, I still proniknulsya moving responsibility for album of AC with my participation, which was subsequently named the Commission. Zoom But first I had to buy for recording drums, but in order to buy them, I had something to sell. It was easiest to sell his Stratocaster. Although I announced extremely high price, it immediately took the band "Dr. Tick." Then the drums were bought by middle-class - "Super Amati" Thus, to write "legendary" album of the Commission, which has so far heard only a few, were all ready. Abbreviation ILC meant "club of local industry." The club is himself a one-story wooden shed, which is given at the mercy of Magadan rock club, because any more cultural events in this pimped conduct would already be out of place. Picture taken just at the stage of the club. When preparing to record the drums at the same stage was built a very "comfortable" cabin, where I crawled under the plates on their luggage before going to work and crawled back to the discussions and smoke. We wrote about a week and possibly for all this time, I crept to a couple of kilometers, but some just do not perform feats for the sake of art. For those who visited at least once at a live performance syndrome and thus thinks that he never heard the album of the Commission, I can report the following. The fact that the band played on early concerts were recorded live in this album, and of course with elements of improvisation. List of songs: Procession bryzguntsov, Dolls, China, Requiem, etc. So the album is not interested in jingles / ringtones, just live performance and drive close to the concert versions. I can only add that the KMP I like more than a guest, which work on the sound partially ate something that was characteristic of the syndrome, namely - Drive. Perhaps in the near future, the U.S. independent music label "TrailRecords" album, the Commission will find a rebirth. Ponomarev found in Paul Podlipenko that reel, with a record of two decades ago. With the assistance of the label was made by digitizing and preliminary mastering the album. Work on the publication continues.

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