Zoom out Alexander Ponomarev Konstantine Bitjukov Vladimir Bovykin Yuri Hatenko

Z1 M After recording the album of the ILC, is, in fact, the development of the upcoming concert program, Bovykin invited me to play with the syndrome in St. Petersburg at a rock festival "Aurora". "In Peter go, of course, possible, - I said - and to visit relatives, and paid my way. Why not ride? "But the way to St. Petersburg led through Moscow, where he planned performance at the festival in Podolsk. However, something the organizers have not grown together, and we hang in Moscow. I sawed Bovykina for wasted time, as cast in Magadan, a lot of unfinished business. Finally we arrived in St. Petersburg. Bitjukov at this time engaged in exchange of their two-room "Studio 13" in Magadan in a communal room in St. Petersburg, and the two guys being hosted on the artist's Horse Guards. Zoom Finally, on Sept. 17, 1989, we were at the festival "Aurora". Incidentally, in the audience was, and Alexander Tsalihin that made it possible to re-release old recordings of AC in a better production and processing. After a long break in the concert work performance has become quite nervous coloring, making it even more "abnormal". Bovykin changed his Impress on hospital pajamas. Later to complete the image of "clinic" he obrilsya cut. However, and Bitjukov soon shortened their hair, for which once earned him the nickname "Sweater-smooth-combed. In addition, he began to eat meat that has not been tasted for five years. At the same time he looked so tense, as if he committed a crime, violating his sacred diet food "fallen leaves". If we consider that when eating meat, he muttered under his breath: "I am angry ... I am very angry" - then I had a disturbing feeling that I attend on a common meal with a cannibal.

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