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Z1 M After speaking at a rock festival Aurora syndrome received an invitation in October, 89, stood in Novosibirsk. The program outlined in the Commission's album, took over cobble appearance, and performance was not as nervous as the "Aurora. The organization of the festival was at good level, without any failures and inconsistencies. We were settled in Akademgorodok. In Novosibirsk, I met with Alexander Demin. Interesting was a man. Unlike some rock and a lot of clever, he did not reason, just talked, but no one is offended that simple. At first, I regarded him warily, suspecting for his propensity to openness bonhomie. But there was no vulgarity, no bile. Some people can not treat with anger, even to evil. It is difficult, but the example Dyoma can, though - who knows what he is worth ... Zoom From Novosibirsk, I flew on a plane to Magadan, to finally take up its affairs. By this time all my family - mother, sister and father - for nearly five years since moved to St. Petersburg. After talking with her mother and relatives, I also decided to round off with my three decades of staying on the Kolyma, deciding to move to his mother. In Magadan, I deliberately ordered a container, drove his car there, which loaded the drums, a lot of different equipment, tools and spare parts for machinery, as well as all sorts of things, which usually grows flat, and sent it all in St. Petersburg. Then sold his deserted garage and deciding what to sell an apartment is early, handed her the lease. In general, as usual, without the syndrome my business went quite well, and I have built a brighter plans on how to arrange Peters will be my long-awaited studio, given the amount of which already have. Find a suitable point of a studio for me not be too difficult. All this I passed many times. In short, I confidently looked to the future and found it quite light. But one day, which I just can not think of a beautiful, there was a phone call from my old friend, whose name was - Vladimir Bovykin.

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