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Z1 M Nostalgic pleasant tone Bovykin told me a very interesting piece of news that tomorrow, VS must appear in St. Petersburg in DC Strip. I asked him - "and you generally aware of the fact that at the moment I am not on the next street, and at the other end of the country? - Well, here how it will if you do not have time, will have to play without drums. - Okay, I'm neither be imagined. " The agency aerofloat the next flight to the mainland was on tomorrow at 12 o'clock, and not on Peter, and on to Moscow. Given that the plane was flying to Moscow with the times, it was not difficult to guess, that I arrived in the capital, too, in 12 hours. It remained the case for small. I had to: six hours to move from Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo, buy a ticket to Peter, get on a plane, fly to the north of Palmyra, land, and from Pulkovo to get to the destination. Zoom Even the most rough calculations clearly show that the concert I could not keep up. However, relying on Russian maybe I'm in no hurry to go, and early in the morning went to the airport. The eight-hour flight I thought about that for work in the Eastern syndrome "I really could use even the most modest ability to teleport. Finally a flight attendant announced that pre-boarding would be nice to all present on board to fasten your seat belts. This meant that the plane was landing, and sounded the signal for my big bike. But when the plane fell slightly, the same voice, the stewardess said that in Moscow in connection with the weather conditions the airport does not accept, so the plane landed at the alternate aerodrome in Pulkovo. At first I thought it was a joke at my secret wishes, but a sad person other passengers with airplanes, I realized that this is not a joke, and that all participants covered the "syndrome". Not to say that all occurring, I was very happy because of the manifestations of joy in my life "syndrome" I have a default could have. However, this was another cause for reflection on the topic - what is "Eastern syndrome. At the concert I went for a couple of hours before taking up a calm and warm up hands watched as gradually catching up the other band members. Subsequently, I thought a lot about this case. Although the events described did not correspond with the description of my creative work in a group, however, of him also worth to tell, at least for those capable of the vision of the events to understand their meaning.

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