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Z1 In fact, the concert in Culture House Gas did not have special significance for the group and was only a rehearsal in preparation for the festival "Cheeserock-89". This festival was held in Moscow in the Concert Hall "Eaglet" on 23-24 Dec. 1989. Vostochny Syndrome (Eastern Syndrome) completed the first festival day by performance after the groups such as Papa Bo, Petlya Nesterova (Loop of Nesterov), Red Cucumber, Dao and Red Hache. I will not describe all the exotic surroundings of such events, characteristic of the time, but at "Cheeserock" Syndrome quite successfully added kaleidoscope of collective musical frenzy, introducing its own specific elements of intellectual insanity. As far as I do not have extensive knowledge in the field of psychiatry, I would rather move on to describe the organization of this festival, which, it should be noted, was at a high level. Zoom First, TV was invited to capture the history of this group outrage. Secondly, the Concert Hall "Eaglet" was far from the number of cheap clubs for performances of underground bands. That is, the organizers had before them the best of intentions - to bring the music of unknown bands and artists to a wider audience. But as an IQ of a part of the audience was below the plinth, some of the marks of vandalism, left in the "Eaglet" after the festival, did not allow for repeat of such actions on the same site in the future. For me the performance of Syndrome would be developed in normal mode, if not for one circumstance. Towards the second half of the program, I noticed that a very beautiful girl, accompanied by two satellites, went to the exit between the rows in the hall. Tormented by remorse that any normal person would run away from such music, I thought about the injustice of the happening and I was very sorry I could not keep her company, instead of it I had to stick out on the stage at work, which is not interesting to such nice people at all. But the colleagues noticed my distraction and weakening of drive and began to look askance at me; the performance captured me again, and I forgot about the case immediately. How was I to know that then my future wife left the hall, because I learned about it 18 years later! Although later she told me she had left, not because she did not like our performance, but because she could miss the subway, because time was getting late. But the fate of no escape, and all the same 6379 days remained before our wedding.

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