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Z1The performance at "Cheeserock" was followed by recording the album "Compilation" in Ostankino and at the time of its record we camped in a hotel near the television centre. This recording was organized by the hostess of the program "Ferris Wheel" Natalia Grechishcheva, very friendly and likable person. Subsequently, the only video clip of VS, to the song "Rain", was created with the assistance of Natalia and Andrew Hanson. In February 1990, Syndrome was invited to perform at the festival "Full Goodbye" in Kiev. The organization of the festival was on an excellent level, with the warmest welcome and attitude. There were many meetings and interesting dialogue, for example - with the group "Rabbota Ho", at that time the group really was a true underground with own characteristic sound and world outlook. Zoom In general, it would have been an enjoyable time, but as usually I had ruined it, having got stuck in the next adventure, which ended with a drive to the police. In fact this adventure started from scratch – Hatenko cut himself, and I was stupid enough to run to the duty on the hotel for a bandage to bandage the wounded comrade. The hotel maid reacted very vigilant to my request and just in case called the police to find out the causes of the injury. Having arrived the police left the wounded man at rest, but as a neighbor on beds of the victim I was loaded into a police car and sent to the bullpen, to further clarify the circumstances of the accident. From this turn of events I came to the state of very strong stimulation and began to slam both the bullpen and the poor cellmates, scolding law enforcement officials very dirty words. In the morning the court already considered my disorderly conduct in the bullpen, which in fact had fully deserved my punishment of traditional imprisonment for fifteen days. However, after listening to my impassioned speech about the arbitrariness of bodies of the Department of Internal Affairs, the court chose an alternative solution - a fine of 50 rubles. So, thanks to "our most humane in the world" court, Syndrome wasn't left without a drummer in its subsequent performances in Kharkiv and Tver. Following the presentation at "Interchance" in the House of Culture named after Gorbunov in Moscow 05.19.1990, Syndrome went to Syktyvkar for the rock festival "Underground-90"and having received a brief respite, we returned to St. Petersburg for the rehearsal base at the club "LF/HF". My Pepelats arrived in St.Petersburg in a container with a set of drums and some useful equipment, so the rehearsals were held more fruitfully.

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