Zoom out In memory of Yuri Baskakov

Z1After arriving from the countryside in the summer of 1990, Syndrome began recording in the studio «SNC». Recording cost a lot of money, and director general of the company «Olex» Yuri Baskakov agreed to sponsor the event. He often rescued a group through difficult times and in general just like human beings always tried to support the guys. Sometimes he booked for us a big table at an expensive restaurant, and having pretty starved on the underground diet, we started to taste different delicatessen. Once on arriving in Petersburg, he booked a bus, gathered all of us and having collected a mountain of food and vodka, he took us to the Gulf of Finland to swim the whole day. He just sat there with his wife on the shore and watched us have a good time... In the early 1990's he was killed in the yard of his house by a group of unknown persons. On this page I light personally from myself a votive candle in a good memory of him... Zoom Sergei Solovyov was a sound engineer of recording Syndrome in the studio «SNC»... Here I shall digress and tell a well-known anecdote. Musicians have long been trying to record a song, but permanently jumping past the music. Sound engineer does take after take, in the end does not stand: «In short, play the chromatic scale for me and go home, all the rest I'll do myself.» In fact, a talented sound engineer is one of the members of that team, he records, and an only ability to twist the handles on the console and switch intelligently the channels is not enough to create a truly talented work. He has to understand the material completely and at the level of the author. He was given about two weeks on recording «Guest». Now imagine that the album «Guest» doesn't exist yet that you've never heard of such a team of Vostochny Syndrome, but you here and now need to hear and record it, and put yourself in the place of Solovyov. That, what a sound engineer of Syndrome Pasha Podlipenko had once heard, awarded album «Studio 13» of a first-degree diploma in the contest of the journal «Aurora». For studio «SNC» Syndrome was a common amateur team, which was lucky with the sponsor. Subsequently, album «Guest» was released on SolydRecords only in 1995 and with somewhat different from the original. By that time the group as such had not been, and until some time the participants themselves of recording (except Bityukov) did not even know about this release. We all had already been somehow not up to this thing... In general, when we first met Sergei seemed quite cheerful and sociable person. But, perhaps in two weeks, he tired of working with us, and maybe - something in his life already went not so, as usual, but as «in Syndrome» a bit and by the time he completed the album he had already looked neither gay nor sociable. It is true, in general - I understand him perfectly.

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