Zoom out House in the village... ...and kitchen garden of Eastern syndrome

Z1After recording the album "Guest" the group got a small break between its activities, and this time I went to the village to weed the vegetables planted collectively in the spring. By the time the kitchen-garden was like a small copse, consisting of wild grass, nettle, burr and quinoa. The idea was that there had to be squashes and pumpkins somewhere in the wilds of the thicket, and I began their search very zealously. During the weeding, I discovered that very beautiful scarlet flowers lurked everywhere among the rapidly growing weeds. Of course, as a resident of the Far North, I was well versed in botany and knew that cowberry does not bloom like that. So I asked a passer-old woman: "Grandma, excuse me. Could you tell me how these beautiful little flowers are called? - Tuk, it's a poppy, darling. – Really?! Is this what is put in buns? - Exactly. A bit later gather it from cups in a jar and add in pies ". Zoom Ok. Sensing the smell of future pies, I began weeding more differentially, and having waited the period of falling petals and forming cups on the stems, I carefully gathered almost a couple of liters of poppy seeds. Then having took a neighbor's scythe, I mowed the tops and built out of them a pioneer bonfire on the beds, burning some debris at the same time. On returning to Peter, I arrived at the regular rehearsal of VS (Vostochny Syndrome). Somehow, my appearance caused rapid interest in the topic - how I spent the summer in the countryside. Not without pride, I told them what a rich harvest had been gathered and how many pumpkins and squash I had brought to the city and even had managed to collect two full liters of poppy, despite the fact that it grew up at none of the locals'. By that time the interest of listeners reached its zenith, and already in complete silence, I continued the story about the remarkable pioneer bonfire, which I made before leaving ... The faces of the listeners were very serious. In the quiet, even a subdued groan was heard, apparently it expressed their admiration. It was clear that my story touched their hearts, almost to tears. Never before I could have imagined that my friends were interested with so much attention in not only my work, but also my vacation. Although it may be, by that time we just really missed each other. But I also was touched by the attention of the group and gave Bityukov some of the biggest squashes. As a true friend, he appreciated my gift.

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