Z1The end of summer 1990 approached between those interesting events. I must say that by that time the group Vostochny Syndrome had been very "expanded". The expansion of the group was due to the fact that by that time it had already been quite easy to become a member of the group VS. To do this man could buy a ticket from an "inspiration" dealer and quietly join the team based on full mystical mutual understanding. Thus Syndrome found its interesting fraternity, which had been named in accordance with its general mood - "Pitfall". This great fraternity included many wonderful people, inspired, well-read and mystically shod on all hooves. Although some of them left this community, when they reached "a breaking point" ending nervous exhaustion.Therefore, when VS received a proposal for a new record in Ostankino for the program "Ferris wheel", Syndrome went there, increasing its membership with those members of the "Pitfall" which already had the necessary musical knowledge that they had to blow into the embouchure, and not into the bell of the saxophone. One of the live performances of Syndrome in its expanded staff is captured on this video of 1991, from the Festival "Indurkey", but unfortunately I had already come out of VS (Keifbreakingson had left the ballet class). Now it is difficult to recall exactly the events in Ostankino. When such inflorescence of stars and talents gathers together, it is as difficult to remember these events, as complicated dream. Such the inspiration often covered the record participants that they simply could not get to the record place and disappeared somewhere in the space of the television centre, not having determined for themselves what is really real - their inspiration or recording studio, in which they were waited for. But since I had not joined the true source of inspiration of the group, it was only natural that I could not manage to expand my consciousness to the completeness of vision of the concept of VS. In a rage I filled lack of vision of this elusive to my mind concept with horsy doses of alcohol, puffing aromas of herbs, and constantly breaking up my creative friends in their quest of new discoveries in the arts. With my vile, drunken escapades, I upset even the most tolerant participants of the "expanded" group, and my behavior extremely irritated the entire community of the "pitfall". Thus, the limits of longanimity of the group towards me began to acquire quite a visible form, which I finally saw clearly having come with Syndrome to the festival in Vladivostok.

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