Z1 Usually, the photos themselves are not so interesting when there are no comments to them and no descriptions of events which occur in them (or near). And I took a rule for myself - do not cram into the pages plenty of photographic materials, which mean absolutely nothing if they additionally do not contain any information about the captured images - where it happens, when and who is in them and under what circumstances. Each photo will contain information about the period when it was made. I decided to post photographic materials both on topics and on the relevant periods of time. Some photos are very old, barely survived, and were originally made not qualitatively, but better to have something than nothing. So most likely this is not a photo album, but a photo chronicle of the project Z1 or a rock journey with me in time. You can walk this journey from the beginning and then clicking on an open photo you can go to the next page, and you can use the navigation menu located below. The photo chronicle will be filled with new pages with photographs the extent of my efforts. (This also applies to editing machine translation of text pages.)
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