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Z1Creativity does not arise from nothing and becoming a musician goes on under the influence of a teacher, master or a group of musicians which was able to interest other people in its creativity. So it was in my case. A group of Led Zeppelin has exerted great influence on my musical thinking and developing the musical taste. I still think this group has been the most striking and outstanding phenomenon in rock music. Actually the whole story of my rock-graphy began from the moment when in 1972 I first heard Led Zeppelin II album on vinyl LP. What I heard, struck my imagination, I felt their music almost visual I discovered a vast world of rock music which really charmed and fascinated with the new sound and the particular philosophy, which can be expressed in words "This is a sweet word - freedom". In those distant years it was a whole new world in which subsequently millions of other people found themselves, you see. Before that I learnt playing the drums a little, so you can submit the creative supply I received when I first heard John Bonham playing! But, of course, I was also charmed by excellent playing and technique of Jimmy Page, so I had to learn the guitar too, as well as to learn the guitar parts, played by John Paul Jones, who seemed to me a magical machine bass! But what I just never could have done, even with all my great desire and zeal, it is to sing like Robert Plant! No doubt, his magnificence of voice, mastery of using the nuances will forever remain the highest bar for all the singers of this genre. Thus, imitating the different parts from the records of this group and going into all subtleties and nuances of the playing, I obtained all the necessary skills of playing the main musical instruments which are usually used in rock music. Of course, I began attempts to write my parts and themes, musical fragments, lyrics and finally songs. 01 Some stuff has turned out so good that even 35 years later it continues to please me! Subsequently I also had to play music at the restaurants some time, what, except the negative experience, gave me a skill of playing and improvisational arranging in flight, but fortunately I didn't overstay very long in these institutions. The different bands were created and broke up, in which I participated and the names of which have sunk into oblivion and remained unknown. For example, the bands T-72 (1972-1979) or Ascent (1981-1983), in which I was a guitarist. I also took part in the band NGC-224 together with Mikhail Afanasyev and Vladimir Bovykin. On this site you can learn more about the history of my rock-graphy in the section "Photo chronicle of project Z1", where many of the photos are posted with the most detailed description of the events taking place on them. Since 1989 to 1992 I had the opportunity to work in the band Vostochny Syndrome (Eastern Syndrome) already as a drummer. It was an interesting band, interesting work, but in Syndrome I was rather a session musician, because I left this band permanently and with admirable zeal and I came back into it again in strange ways. Perhaps my reluctance to work in this band was due to the fact that I was not quite ready to work in the genre of psychedelic music and my understanding of the sound of rock music was different. But in fact, it is not so easy to leave the band, which is in a constant schedule of performances, and when the contradictions and disagreements in the band reached their climax, I began already not to leave, but cut and run! The second escape, finally, was successful, and after my session in the project Vostochny Syndrome I tried about seven years even not to remember that I was once a musician. But the band Vostochny Syndrome has remained a part of my story, and despite the fact that this story was hard, it is dear to me just as every day of my lived life...
The idea of creating my own studio has been nurtured since 1988, but its implementation was constantly hampered by many problems, which grew like a snowball as soon as I approached the goal. Therefore, I restlessly had to deal with a lot of minor problems, postponing the moment of creation of the studio for an indefinite time. The period from 1992 to 2000 was the time of my musical inactivity, if one doesn't take into account my participation in various church choirs of Diocese of St. Petersburg and some of my experiments with the bell ringing. Nevertheless, in 2000 I initiated my project Z1. My personal observations, reflections and musical raw stuff formed the basis of the project, without any co-authorship and external interference. Within the project, I also have to solve many problems, at first glance, far removed from music. For example: the creation of videos and sound production, design and webdesign on this self-created site, work on my forum, with which I have the opportunity to convey my point of view and some thoughts to the general audience, and many other tasks, without which the promotion of my project would be impossible. Of course, I'm doing much of this work at the amateurish level, and the only reason for that I have achieved some success in promoting my project - is hard work, patience, diligence and purposefulness. Although mastering of each specific creative direction takes much more time and effort from me than from professionally trained specialists, but at least I'm interested to do this. Road by walking!

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