Z1Perhaps the abbreviation Z1 seems strange, so first I would like to clarify that it has nothing to do with various technical devices Z1 – from a brainchild of Konrad Zuse and digital cameras to the car Z1 from BMW Group. It also does not mean the sunken Russian submarine Z1 or German torpedo boat destroyer Z1 - "Leberecht Maas", which was bombed by its own same aircraft. The abbreviation Z1 has formed by confluence of two circumstances. First of all - the fate's sudden change turns which happened to me, sometimes were so dramatic that my traversed path actually looked like a huge zig-zag through life, and secondly, this abbreviation was formed as a reduction of the full name of the project «The Lone Zombie». But, giving my project such name, I did not set myself the task of scaring anyone the cinematic horrors of the resurrected dead, 01 and moreover the theme of this project is far from mentioning mystical experiments of voodoo sorcerers and other afterlife mysticism and exotics. In fact, the name "The Lone Zombie" meets the theme of the project for the following reasons. First, I am a 'dead', i.e. a studio musician. Since some time I've been avoiding the appearance both on stage and, if possible, near the stage. Secondly, this is a one man project because I try to connect no one and to involve nobody in this project, so that to solve all the emerging challenges and problems independently. This applies to everything: writing lyrics and music, playing and mastering, creating video clips, cover design of the albums, providing the necessary technical conditions for this entire, as well as learning to master required methodology. Thirdly, the very essence of the project Z1 is to watch the different phenomena occurring in the life and to remain a detached onlooker, avoiding the transitory influence of the different denominations, groups or societies and not reflecting anyone's positions and opinions, but my personal observations and reflection. So it is no accident that the motto of this project is the key phrase –


This supervision and reflection may seem also strange, but there are many strange things in life, there is nothing strange only in death. Agree also then - some of the living people are more dead than already sailed ones to the other world, and some of the dead people are more alive than actually rotting ones in this world. In addition, people are always lonely, and everybody on his way from birth takes only his personal decisions and is responsible for them personally, even after death. Although the attempt to go mentally beyond the last line and look from outside at the way lived is not new, but not so useless. Hence the preamble of the project is "The Lone Zombie". Therefore I dare to conclude that the main theme of this project is the theme of life and death, time and eternity, in their indissoluble connection. The future will tell what this theme would be better expressed in - in poetry, prose, music or videos, but for now I can reflect and work, and I have this project. Due to the fact that I have to do by myself everything in the project from beginning to end, the work on the project is going on slowly, but I don't worry about it because the desire for the ultimate form of creation is akin to the aspiration for its death. Everything lives while developing, and dies when development is completed. There remains the last form, which becomes the past after the completion. In general, everything is as in real life and as in real death. I think nevertheless it is more interesting to live. Therefore, I am also interested very little in promoting or advertising what has already been created and what still will be created under this project, and this means the following - what I do here, I do without commercial intentions. Though it would be wrong to say that I am doing the project all alone, because the direction of the project is also carried out with reasonable criticism. My wife Stella participates in the reasonable criticism as well as my friends: Alexander Tsalikhin (producer of American independent music label TrailRecords), Alexander Tomashev (drummer of many well-known projects), Andrey Vasilyev-Suzuki (musician of many unknown projects), as well as police colonel Marat Litvinovsky, which is my most vicious and ruthless music critic.

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