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One Wave Story
One Wave Story
Just as the album Far Pavilions, the outline album Hispaniola was written in Switzerland, but a little later - in the period from May to November 2007. In the initial version, it was assumed only as an instrumental album, and consisted of five parts, with no names. But as so often happens, in the process of developing and preparing the album music itself became to dictate texts, so I did not deny myself the pleasure to expand the content of this album from instrumental to vocal genre. Now the album Hispaniola is in the process of editing texts and recording vocals. In contrast to the album Far pavilions, which was written under the influence of the strongest impressions received from the contemplation of the beauties of the Alps, this album was dedicated to another element, no less impressive - namely, the element of water, with its amazing mystical meaning which it carries in itself. Some music stories were composed under the influence of the book by Claudio Magris "A Different Sea" ("Un Altro Mare"), and the others were based on personal feelings and experiences. The general sense of the album is the following: life often resembles a long (or, alas, not very long) voyage of the ship on the great ocean of life. …Of the ship, where everyone is a captain and a helmsman, responsible both for its well-being and for its course. Often, this ship is shaken by storms, sometimes the path ends in shipwreck, and the ship finds the quiet harbor, where it can relax, periodically calm belts come, with their attendant idleness, boredom and laziness. In general – an ocean voyage, and it is an ocean voyage... Here's a slightly romantic album.
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