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The End


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Album Lady (2005) is the second part of the trilogy and consists of five tracks. For the present the author doesn't consider timely the publication of this album of the project Z1 like the first part, because some songs yet are in a state of refinement and the other tracks are already in the mastering stage. I would not like to place the finished material separately from the publication of the entire album, but most likely some songs, again in mp3 format, I'll still publish for familiarization and discussion somewhat later. In short, what this second part tells about. It tells about life, its beginning and end, about our attitude to it and its relation to us. In fact, we ourselves create or destroy, decorate or disfigure it according to our inclinations. We make life as we are able to do, so it makes no sense to blame life in something, if we believe that our life is not formed or presents us with the terrible lessons. Life goes on and develops in accordance with its laws and regulations, whether we like them or not. Even if we believe these rules are not rational and we are only guided by any social or even our personal rules, it doesn't matter for it. And from the first to the last breath we belong to it and obey. Wise ones can understand something in it, but no everything. It's impossible to understand everything in it. Some ones refer to her as to a drunken slut, others – as to a well-dressed doll, and the third ones - as to a fussy companion, the fourth ones try to take from it everything what is possible, not realizing that they have to pay for all. It becomes such as we would like to see it, and relates to us just as we do to it ... I relate to LIFE like to a great LADY - not only strict and unforgiving, but also wise, fair and kind, and this album is dedicated to HER.

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