Song Sospiro
Life goes on and new thoughts and ideasarise in the process of working on the project, old friends remember you and new friends appear. And as usual any events in the life of the musicians are reflected in their music. I am not an exception either. As I wrote about my project, in its essence it reflects my creative solitude, but it does not always work out to remain isolated in the creativity because sometimes interesting people occur in the life, which is still very pleasant to communicate, because you understand them as well as they understand you. And I decided to create this album with the title "Outsider". The album will reflect both my thoughts and thoughts of other people who quite consciously perceive the various conventions of the society around them only from the outside. I must admit - I like these people. They perceive the world as it really is – they rejoice in simple things, do not chase fame, money and power and do not wallow in the pig trough of policy. After all, what could be better - to enjoy every inhalation and exhalation, which gives life, to experience the happiness of love, to rejoice flowers and children, and to see even in the death not the inevitable punitive sword, but the deserved crown of the life. I will gradually add to it the songs which already exist and which may appear in the near future, and this album is dedicated to you - outsiders!

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