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Album "Club of local industry" by band Eastern Syndrome
In 1989 I participated in recording the album "Club of local industry" (or abbreviated - "KMP") with the group Vostochnyi Syndrome. The master of this album for a long time has been lost, but in 2007 we found a reel recording of the soundproducer of the album Paul Podlipenko. Digitizing the material was made with the assistance of the St. Petersburg Studio "Melody". Sound Engineer of the label TrailRecords George Dugan made a pre-mastering of the digitization, but the sound quality still leaves much to be desired: there were failures of sound in one channel due to shedding of the film, the seizure of neighboring tracks and other serious defects. So I decided to make a new mix of this album. Many parties were replayed and recorded over again, because the main objective in the equalization was to preserve the timbral frequencies of the vocal of Constantin Bityukov, cutting other frequencies. Very hard work was carried out to integrate carefully bass, drums, guitar and synth parties into the track around the vocal. But the most difficult task was, of course, to respect the accuracy of the rhythm section to the original. Given that the length of the song Kelt was more than ten minutes, then the workload was very large. Thus, in total, this painstaking work over one track Kelt has taken about eight months. Work over the rest of the songs of the album is continuing, but slowly... In the end, I am interested to work on my new material than to tinker with the records of two decades ago! So I devote time to this album too, of course, in rank of "obligatory half-hour", and at the moment I have prepared the songs Kelt, Requiem, Splashing procession, Doll and Saxophone

In the recording of the albom were: Konstantin Bitjukov - vocals, guitar, Alexander Ponomarev - guitar Yuri Hatenko - bass guitar; Vladimir Bovykin - saxophones, Alexander Simdyanov (Z1) - drums, Paul Podlipenko - sound. Author lyrics - Andrew Neustroyev & Konstantin Bitjukov. Composer - Konstantin Bitjukov & Eastern syndrome. Digitization of records - Art. "Melody". Mastering record Alexander Simdyanov (Z1) & George Dugan...

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