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The album Zombie (2005) is the first part of the trilogy and consists of five tracks. For the present the author does not consider it appropriate to publish these materials of the project Z1 before their official publication. Maybe it will happen in the near future. But some materials of the trilogy will be published shortly on this site in mp3 format after their final mastering for information and discussion. In general, the texts and the names of these six songs speak for themselves so it does not make sense to go deeply into their description, we can only mention that zombied condition peculiar to us all in one way or another. We are pleased to be involved in all sorts of gambles which is devised and carried out by various ruling and dominant groups. We feed on and are guided by the ideas which do not belong to us. We sink in obsessive and chewed views which are pouring from the TV screens and are implanted by the media. We think, dream, act on the ready-made templates and dwell in the usual public noise, in which the voice of the wisest counselor of everyone - the voice of conscience often drowns, and the voice of the crowd replaces it. The crowd and its ideas have always been a person to justify the commission of crimes related to the wars, revolutions and other mass insanity. All this makes us living dead, spiritual corpses who can neither think nor love. Some such observations and reflections are the leitmotif of the album Zombie, which, as you can see, tells about the death in its various manifestations.